Your Building Exterior is Failing

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If your construction project is not completed correctly the first time, it’s basically like throwing away your investment.  You may have initially been excited for it’ completion but as time passes, you begin to notice issues.  Was this the fault of contracting construction team?  Do the issues stem from natural environmental issues?  All these questions and concerns can be a stress on itself, but these issues can be solved.

The team at Asset Construction is your one-stop shop for all your construction repairs.  Completed in the spring of 2017, the Bridgeland Condominium went under an extensive $2.5 million exterior revitalization because of major failures of the buildings cladding, masonry wall tile, mold, deck and parkade leaking.

Looking at the scope of work that Asset completed, one can see the precision that was taken to stop the above issues from returning any time soon.  Asset Construction has the expertise and team to complete the job right and the first time.

To find out more how Asset can assist yourself or company with all your exterior renovation needs, please check out our full list of services on the website and contact us today!

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