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Asset Construction is a full-service, one-stop-shop for all industrial, commercial, medical and multi-family construction projects.   Our professional team of industry experts prides themselves on the use of state-of-the-art technologies; technology such as Construction 3D Modelling Software.

3D Modelling software has allowed Asset Construction to be one-step ahead of the competition.  We use this service to showcase what the very capable team can do before the contracts are even signed.  It helps the client visualize the project without guesses.  Further, it allows Asset Construction to make project changes in real-time, thus saving time and money.  Using the proper software ensures quality, precision and accuracy and that’s why we want to share the 5 Things to Look for When Buying Construction 3D Modelling Software.  This list was gathered by Capterra and you can read the full blog content here.

1. Capability and efficiency

When choosing a 3D CAD program for your company, you want a program capable of creating 3D models that accurately represent your products, efficiently. Every construction project is different, and programs that are good for skyscrapers may not work for a home-building business.

Select a product that lets you produce a detailed, accurate design in just a few steps without compromising the quality.

What to ask the vendor:  What features/capabilities make this software well-suited for building (product name)?

2. Compatibility with customers and suppliers

Look for a CAD program that is already popular in your industry and supplier community. Why? It’ll decrease the need to convert in order to move them from one system to another. The program you choose should also have the ability to import files from other systems.

Look for a CAD system that supports international standards; the most common formats used with 3D CAD are STEP, IGES, VDA, and IDF.

What to ask the vendor:  What file formats do you support, and how do you handle integration with file formats you don’t?

3. Built-in applications

If you have more than one designer, you need a 3D CAD program with an automated storage system. When using CAD software, it’s easy to overwrite each other’s work on accident, which wastes a lot of time.

Look for 3D modeling software with a built-in automated system that can provide product data management (PDM), which will dramatically increase your productivity. PDM-capable software improves workflow efficiency between designers.

Another feature to look for in CAD software is an application programming interface (API), which lets you write your own design automation programs.

What to ask the vendor:  What built-in applications do you offer that differentiate you from your competitors, and how can they—specifically—help my projects?

4. Short learning curve

Even if you’re familiar with the basics of construction 3D modeling programs, each system is different. Look for CAD software that is easy to learn so you and your employees can pick it up quickly with minimal business interruptions.

A consistent user interface is a sign that the system you are choosing is a good pick; the design and drafting procedures should flow logically from beginning to end.

For feature-heavy software, vendors should offer training to onboard your team, as well as good customer support for future problems.

What to ask the vendor:  What training do you offer for your software, and how available will customer support be after I’ve purchased the product?

5. Free software

Ultimately, investing in a paid CAD solution for your business is very beneficial. Before you get to that point, however, there are several free software options you can download to gain a better understanding of CAD and 3D modeling.

Learning and experimenting with various free systems is never a bad idea. Free CAD software for beginners includes ZBrush, Blender, Cinema 4D, Google SketchUp, and AutoCAD for Students. Once you’re ready for a more powerful program, opt for a paid software option that includes a free trial.

What to ask the vendor:  Do you offer a free trial, and will I get to test all software features during it?

With all this, it’s important to do your local industry research.  Check out other industry leaders in your community and find out what software they are utilizing.  This will provide smooth transitions from client to client.

By using the powerful tool, you may stay one step ahead of your competition.  Asset Construction wants to showcase how we use the software not only during projects, but even before they have been assigned.  Learn how Asset Construction can be your project management specialists from start to finish with the extensive list of services we provide like 3D Modelling Technology.  Contact us today!

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