1004, 2019

As most are aware, Asset Construction is one of Calgary’s top construction companies.  We specialize in industrial, commercial, multifamily and medical office construction.  While we focus diligently on your construction project, our [...]

104, 2019

Asset Construction is a full-service, one-stop-shop for all industrial, commercial, medical and multi-family construction projects.   Our professional team of industry experts prides themselves on the use of state-of-the-art technologies; technology such as [...]

2503, 2019

I recently read a blog about the importance of keeping a city’s downtown core vibrant.  It made me think about how the failing economy turned Calgary’s downtown into a ‘Ghost Town’.  I [...]

2003, 2019

As we entered into 2019, it gave us all a chance to reflect on our year.  We have set goals and have let the failures of 2018 disappear.  As the first quarter [...]

1203, 2019

We are happy to share that Asset Construction has released our new website.  Our visitors to the site will have a better layout and user experience.  This helps better expose the multitude [...]

603, 2019

Completed in 2017, the MOC $1.8 million project not only included a full tenant build out of existing office into an optometrist clinic, but a whole demolition, design and build of the [...]

2702, 2019

If your construction project is not completed correctly the first time, it’s basically like throwing away your investment.  You may have initially been excited for it’ completion but as time passes, you [...]

2102, 2019

What is grey, hard, is structural and shouldn’t have extensive cracking?  If you guessed a building foundation, you are absolutely right.  The foundation of a building is one of the key components [...]

1202, 2019

Without infrastructure like roads, sewer, mass transit, power and electricity, our communities would soon full apart in disarray.  From the beginning of time, infrastructure created healthier communities, connected us to the world [...]

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